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About us

Analytical centre ЕсооМ™ «Mediafact-Eco» Limited Liability Company (Belarus, Minsk) was created in 2003  and is an independent private company which specializes in social and marketing research,  political and managerial consulting.

Alexander Danilov is a research director of the center, Doctor of Sociology, corresponding member in National Academy of Sciencesof Belarus. Sergey Shavel is a deputy director, Doctor of Sociology.

The center’s staff contains 12 full-time employees. In order to implement major projects experienced external experts are being hired on a temporary basis.

Analytical center EcooM has conducted more than a hundred major projects in sociological research covering various topics, including projects for mass media, government and lead enterprises of different countries.

Topics of civil and social initiatives, investigation of their origins and handling, are not only being researched but are also initiated by the centre:

  • From the beginning of year 2009 a large-scale project «Generationof Independence» is being executed. This research is aimed at modern youth and a cycle of activities with young people born in 1991, who were brought up and got their education under the conditions of independent country;
  • Organized the First International Scientific Conference «15 years without USSR: together or apart?» («Viskuli»Residence, Belovezhskaya Pushcha);
  • Festivities in memory of the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I, marked in Belarus as the Reconciliation Day – the first such event in the CIS states;
  • Nowadays analytical centre EcooM owns and develops historical and cultural complex «President of the State of Israel Weizmann`s house  in the village of Motol», Brest Region;
  • For the first time in Belarus, centre has executed an exit poll during the republican referendum that was held in 2004 and during President Elections for Belarus in 2006 and in 2010.

Seminars, conferences and lectures for experts from different countries are being organized by the centre. As an example,with the assistance of the centerthe exhibition of a famous photo artist Elena Adamchik was held in April 2007 (The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna).

 Analytical centre EcooM constantly takes part in various international conferences.

Fifth International Summer School of Young CIS Journalists was held for seven countries during June 2010 with the help ofRussianInternational News Agency (RIA Novosti).

The international conference «Belarus-Russia: actual dialogue was held with the help of the Standing Committee of the Union Statein December 2010.

 Centre takes part in publishing projects, thousands of publications for different mass media companies are created and regular TV show materials are being prepared. For instance analytical centre EcooM took part in preparation of four movies based on Belarusian materials starring Leonid Mlechin,Сhannel TVCI(Russia).

Analytical centre EcooM participated in a large-scale research leading to publication of a book “Where are we heading? Belarus, Russia, Ukraine” (by S. Kara-Murza and S. Musiyenko, Moscow). For the first time the book descriptively shows how people and economies of these three countries survived the crisis of 90s.

The book«Public Mission of Sociology», which was written by S.A. Shawel,  Doctor of Sociology, deputy director of Analytical centre EcooM (Belaruskaya Navuka, 2010).

The book «Bielaruski. Women of Europe» was published in 2010 and its presentation was held in the National library of the Republic of Belarus.

Analytical centre EcooM is accredited by Executive Committee of Independent Countries Community and Belarusian National Science Academy.

Director of Analytycal Center EcooM,

Member of Public Advisory Council

at Administration of President of Republic of Belarus

Sergey Musienko                        
Руководитель аналитического центра «EcooM» Сергей Мусиенко

Заместитель руководителя Аналитическим центром ЕсооМ Шавель Сергей Александрович